Why always a girl is told to dress right and be right?


The answer is quite simple… A girl is told to dress right and be right because she is getting attention. People usually do not care much, how a boy is dressed, but always look at how a girl is dressed. So she has to dress well and present herself in such a manner; that she looks pleasant to our eyes because we are looking at her.

It is as if a lot of people are coming to see something; it’s important to keep that thing well maintained. Now here comes the interesting thing; everybody will try to maintain that thing according to there idea of “well” of course.

Coming back to dressing, there are different ways to dress. As a human being, there are many aspects to us; there is biology, thought, intellect, emotion & consciousness. One can dress either to show his or her intellect or can dress just to enhance their biology; or they can dress in some other way which indicates something else. So its individuals choice, whether they want there biology to be the front end of their life or their intellect. If you have biology as your front end, you will get that kind of attention. If your intelligence is your front end then you will get that kind of attention.

So it’s important for you to have at least this much of sense that where for whom how you dress. Woman’s have always known this, as they dress one way when they have to attend any function; they dress another way when they go to work. And kinda different way when they are in front of their husband or lover.

Thus it’s all about what kind of attention you want to get, accordingly one should dress. It’s not anybody’s business to tell someone how they should dress.

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