Rusting the track of Dhing express(Hima Das)

Hima Das on the track
Hima Das

 “What nonsense and absurd” -my incipient reaction, on discovering the fact that some foolish and half baked minds are searching the caste of golden girl Hima das and to my surprise, this “some” is such a large number, that it made a trend on Google. “This how you respond to the champions”. 

Yes, she is running rhapsodically and currently looking unstoppable!!

Hima das monikered as “Dhing Express” is currently running golden miles and embossing the name of the country in golden syllables. This Dhing express started from source station Dhing(Assam) and is spreading the glory of India across the globe. It is the positive obstination and obduration that allowed this 19-year-old girl to abridge this journey from ‘barefoot to the ambassador of a giant like Adidas‘.

Derailing Dhing express

It is brazening for the country as a whole which is accolading the golden girl with a trend like “HIMA DAS CASTE“. I would just like to table a single question to those who are fishy about das’ caste. What would you achieve if she is of your caste or what you would be loosing if she is not of yours…   

 Probable reasons for penetrating the caste are out of “curiosity” and “my caste proudness“. By searching the cast of Hima das you are not only presenting a polluted image of Indian society but also depressing India’s “golden feet girl” who deserves every bit of success because of the toil and moil that she has put in.

 Girl in tricolor: Hima das

After kissing the finish line and tasting victory, she always asks for an Indian tricolor to wrap herself in it. With this type of debauched behavior of people, shouldn’t she ask for the flag that signifies her caste and group only and not of the whole of India? 

  It would be better to study about the hardships that she has encountered in life to achieve this feat in life rather than injecting answers to the questions like “what caste she belongs”.

Hima das: Engine of India’s sports

If Dhing express can pull a no. of wagons metaphorically representing a diversity of India. Then wagons must support the engine, else it must be kept in mind that such unfiltered mind people could be left behind, as a train leaves ill-performing wagons.

 These people are like a weed that Grows mostly along the railway track that is less used. But this Dhing express is crushing the weed and providing a lustrous track for others to follow.

Let us keep in mind India is a country of around 135 crores and this mammoth population figure brings only 2 medals at Rio Olympic.

Government is creating plethora of new department and policies to improve the medal tally of India in Olympics, but they should know it is not sports related hardships that are stopping the athletes to bring medals, rather it is the mudslinging attitude of the countrymen which brings down the confidence of the athletes as well as the rank of India in medal tally.

Aforesaid causes are the cause for Olympic medal dearth in India.

” These termites will eat up a whole young talent of the country and would force the country towards a medal drought condition as was in case of Rio Olympic”.

Use caste mentality fructiferously

This sounds crazy “fruitfully using the caste”.Can the caste-based mentality which has been dividing the country for centuries be used to integrate the country? What am I talking about -Does that make sense? Yes indubitably, it makes sense.

If you can come to take the credit of gold medal of your caste person, then what checks you from helping the raw young talent when they are actually in need of financial aid. Just support people of your caste group and bake the raw young talent . If everyone supports his or her caste, then I m sure not even a single drop of talent would be wasted in the country, hence changing the sports moirai(fate) of the country.

 If you have to spread casteism, spread it healthily.


In a nutshell, don’t rust the track of Dhing express, as it’s derailment would lead to the derailment of India’s sports future.

“Don’t blow up the track like Naxalite, as this would be the track for fresh raw talent to follow”.

I can only urge – “If you can’t galvanize the track please, don’t rust it with your rusted mindset”.