Girls, Society and You ?


Society has always played an important role in one’s life. Be it Dwapara yuga when Draupadi was dragged into the court by her hair and disrobed or Treta Yuga when Ram had to ask Sita to give Agnipareeksha
because society believed Sita must have become unpure as she was with
Ravana from so many days. It has been a thousand of years since
then but at the core, our society has not changed much at such levels
still women and girls to give Agnipareeksha in a lot of ways
which I think you already know as we read in newspapers and televisions

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Nowadays some people are trying to equalize men and women
in form of opportunities which is good or I must say excellent but
comparing a girl with a boy or vice versa isn’t right. I know
now u must be thinking that I am a sexist but believe me
I am not. Let me explain

For example, in maths, we never compare an X and Y .we always compare
an X with X and a Y with Y because X and Y are two different things
so is a boy and a girl, they both are different beings both posses
their own capabilities and abilities, but we always force a girl to be like a boy that is the reason we nowadays listen “TODAY GIRLS ARE NO LESS THAN BOYS”
and this is because we are comparing them we want them to become
like boys. Now my question to you is” Do you want your girl
to become like a boy or just let her be what she is and what she
wants to become…..

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