CAA and NRC- Woven lies and Designed protest.


 Words like CAB, CAA, NRC, NPR, PROTEST, ASSAM ACCORD, DETENTION CAMP, LAATHICHARGE, DEATH VANDALISM, etc have been reverberating in our society and making it to the headlines of print media as well as electronic media.

 Do you think lion’s share of the population of a country like India where the majority of people are uneducated, understood the meaning of these terms and their implications? If no, then who explained to them. Now here comes into the picture -the so-called educated class. This Educated class understands it well and make others understand in such a way that serves their political interest.

 CAA and NRC protest are serving as “chwayanprash” for aging political parties like Congress who is losing its political ground and as “bournvita” for neophytes like Kanhiya Kumar who is trying to make a pitch for playing his political innings.

Do not stand with others stand

Stand when you understand”

NOTE: Click here to download the CAA amendment act.

CAA and Assam

  • It all started with the introduction of the bill. The Bill was introduced in 17th Lok Sabha by the Minister of Home Affairs Amit Shah on 9 December 2019 and was passed on 10 December 2019, with 311 MPs voting in favor and 80 against the Bill. The initial spark of this protest was witnessed in Assam then this spark took more aggravated form and perimeter whole northeast. These initial protests in Assam and northeast can be justified on some grounds as it’s linked with Assam accord 1985 but as this flame of protest reached the Western part of the country -these protests were baseless and rather I would call them “designed and architected” protest.
  • Now why I call these protests to be sponsored and designed?
  • You all might have witnessed the stills and videos from West Bengal where the mob was trying to uproot the railway track. Nearly all of them were equipped with similar rods and other destructive equipment. Can this be possible that after the protest erupted, all protesters might have gathered, gone to the shops and purchased those similar rods in dozens because it was on an offer -buy 100 get 10 free.

 This all didn’t go that way as it was sponsored and all the material of annihilation was supplied to them and they had to act on the go of their top dog.

  • Another reason which would cement my say – why the violence erupted only in BJP administered state?

Does this defy the idea of secularism?

  • A lot of hue and cry is made on the fact that CAA is hurting the constitution and thwarting the idea of India being a secular state. By the way, secular means no special treatment should be given to one religion.
  • CAA would give citizenship to non-Muslim who faced legal persecution in Afghanistan Pakistan and Bangladesh. If we wish to follow the path of secularism then let us indulge the Muslim community too. Muslims are not included because they are in majority in the above-mentioned states.
  • Many intellectuals considered this to be the first nail stroked on the agenda of making India a Hindu rastra. If this was the intention of the government of the day then why it included Jain, Christians, Buddhists, Parsis, Sikhs and why didn’t they canceled giving citizenship through normal procedure through which a no.of Muslim from these countries gets the citizenship every year. I Don’t get the fact if BJP despises Muslims to this degree then why it made haj pilgrimage much flexible and why it does not ask religion while giving government benefit?
  • Those who cry for secularism and try to play minority cards must turn around their neck and look at what is happening with Uighurs Muslims in China. Why not even a single Muslim country is coming forward to accept them?
  • In India, there is a trend that you would be given a tag of intellectual only and only if you go against the stream. It can be well justified with an example-if everyone is worshipping Gandhi, then you would be called an intellectual if you go against the stream and abuse him. Similarly, if you want that tag of being intellectual start finding out flaws in every move of the ruling party and so are many doing.

Let’s not play this blame game

Get those who are fanning the flame.”

Role of opposition in CAA protest

  • This one month drama proved that greed of power can take you to any extent .what happened if somebody is dying in ambulance and you jammed the road, what happened when a mother holds his breastfed child to her chest tightly in a train because she is afraid that one of the stones of the protestors might hit his child. what happened when you break the auto-rickshaw of a poor man just to get some media space and prove that you are playing your part in the protest.
  • In these protest whole opposition took the responsibility of burning their states whether it is iron lady Mamta di’s Bengal or RJD’S Bihar or Akhilesh’s up. Mamta Banerjee went up a step in this ladder of burning the country and asked for a referendum in the UN and tried to wash the laundry in public which could not be denigrated with an ocean of words.
  • Akhilesh Yadav brought a new employment scheme in which he opened his heart for the CAA protestors and promised them pension if he comes to power. well, that’s interesting giving employment before coming to power.

Is NRC needed in the whole of India? 

  • Let us crack this with an example -There lived a 72-year-old mother who suffered from cancer. After medication also the mother didn’t recover -everything went well, the body responded well to medicines, the doctors were confident of their success. So where did the problem arise? What went wrong?
  • The affected cancerous cells recovered well but till treatment was given to treat cancerous cells, It showed it’s implications on other parts of the body hence affecting them badly.
  • Now, this 72-year-old mother is none other than your motherland suffering from cancer of immigration of rubbish Rohingyas. Main cancerous cell “Assam” has been given treatment but till this treatment was given, its implications were seen in other parts of the country and now you find Rohingyas living in J&K, Delhi and many other parts like they are living on their “Abba’s” land and multiplying themselves in such a manner that can shame even rats and bacteria’s reproduction rate.

Human rights and NRC

  • Why the teachings of human rights are slapped at miniatures like India, not on a superpower like the USA. Trump clarifies his stern policy over infiltration but UNHRC and the USA expect India to stick to the moral of human rights.USA wants tonnes of talent in their state but expects India to import rubbish Rohingyas in its territory which could or rather I would say which would impart security perils to India.

Police sitting on the double-edged sword

  • Many unfortunate and afflictive images came from Gujrat which showed two policemen being cornered and rained by stones. This high temper protest shows they were designed to serve the political interest of a handful of leaders. Many voices are heightened claiming, police destroying public property. I would like to table a single question, how you retaliate? I guess by being aggressive and not by performing meditation and chanting om Shanti in front of the mob which is pelting stones.
  • If the police do not take any action then you will witness another West Bengal episode and if it takes, then another Lucknow episode.
  • Why are the policemen targeted? Stone Pelter must put this in their half baked brains that police are just discharging its duty and they are a puppet in hands of the government. So the question of targeting police does not rise under any circumstance.

How to stifle this communal fire?

 After talking a lot of destruction now we should talk something constructive.

  • There is a dire need to take some stern and concrete action against the violent protestors to set an example but it should be kept in mind that innocents are not touched by police just because they are Muslim and live in the same locality of protestors.
  • Media has an important role to play in this -They should organize a one to one dialogue between both side top leaders which should capture media space. But again they must be top leaders and not somebody on behalf of someone. I mean a sensible person who means his words, must debate on this, as practice goes in USA presidential elections.
  • Need to channelize the energy of youth in a positive direction and not let this youth energy being hijacked by antisocial elements. A group of 10-15 people cannot tell you the mood of the university, so I believe there should be a referendum in universities but not in the UN as said by Mamta Banerjee.
  • Follow the first test then protest policy and not start protest just because your pal is protesting.
  • Let’s come forward to accept the act which has nothing to do with residents of the country rather it is for the persecuted class of our neighboring countries. Let us join our hands to clear the air regarding the same.

What is your stand on this, comment below and share this article and aware other people too.

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